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Shaklee 180 – Powered by Leucine, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed November 8, 2012

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So what’s so special about the NEW Shaklee 180 weight loss program?

When developing the Shaklee 180 weight-Loss system, Shaklee recognized the powerful benefits of the branched-chain amino acid leucine. In the early days, all aminos were considered equal. As long you took in enough, you would loose weight and build or maintain muscle. But emerging research now shows the true superstar to be leucineLeucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis more than any other amino acid and holds more potential for muscle repair and growth. Among amino acids, leucine is king.

So what does that mean for us? 
 It means that with the all NEW 
Shaklee 180
line of products with Leucine you can and will take your weight in a whole new direction.

These products will be available in January
BUT don’t wait until then. 
Contact us today to see how you can benefit from the effects of Leucine in our current products then jump on the 
Shaklee 180 
when it’s released in January.

Also contact us to see how you can get your 
Shaklee 180 

See the articles Below for more information:

What is the Shaklee 180?

Join us in a Shaklee 180…

Shaklee 180, 90 Days To Loose The Weight, 90 Days To Keep It Off!

Shaklee 180 Review | Get 3 and Yours is FREE

Contact us today for more information 
Products available January 2013


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