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Shaklee near me? November 18, 2012


Shaklee near me? How to Find a Shaklee distributor? 

So here’s the great news, It doesn’t matter where your Shaklee distributor is located. 

Why you ask?
Because all Shaklee products are available online.

Once you become a Shaklee member, you get your very own website to use to order your Shaklee products.

Of course when you become a Shaklee member through  HomeBizCetral.org or GuideToGreen.com your Shaklee distributor will still be available to answer your questions or help you with orders.


Why join Shaklee through HomeBizCentral.orgor GuideToGreen.com instead of any other Shaklee distributors?

The answer is simple, When you join Shaklee with us you get a team of professional Shaklee distributors that work together to support our customers. 
If one of our team members is not available to assist you there are many others that can help you with your problem or question.

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