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Shaklee product review |Vita-C (Sustained Release Vitamin C 500Mg) December 7, 2012

Shaklee product review | Vita-C
 (Sustained Release Vitamin C 500Mg)

Shaklee has manufactured vitamins for over 55 years. I have found Shaklee’s Vita-C to be great for anybody who has a sensitivity to regular full line daily vitamins or just wants a little extra boost of Vitamin C.

I’ve tried other vitamins (Great Earth etc…) but I always felt nauseous and like I was going to throw up (sorry) when I took them , after a meal or not. And yet, at certain times, I want the benefits and insurance protection that extra vitamin C and other vitamins can give without the problems. I’ve never had a problem with Shaklee Vitamins.

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Shaklee Vita-C & The Common Cold:

Labeling a cold as “common” doesn’t take the nastiness out of it.

If people had a better understanding about their health, perhaps it wouldn’t be common at all. A cold can be as mild as a simple nose drip, to being a full fledged body and mind experience that puts you in bed for days. It should be known as the “inconvenient” cold. The symptoms are numerous (cough, sore throat, congestion, aches) but the cause is a weak immune system of our own making when we don’t sleep, don’t eat right, and take on more than we can handle.

Vita-C Is great for colds because of its potency and the long term benefits of taking it regularly. We’ve all heard that taking vitamin C can help with colds, but has anyone ever explained why? It fights infections yes but there are so many more benefits of taking vitamin C. With this product you will experience:

  • Shorter and less severe colds due to its immune boosting and antihistamine properties*
  • Slowing of the inflammatory response*
  • Less severe allergic responses*

As humans, we cannot produce Vitamin C in our bodies and must constantly replenish it.

Skin and Teeth Problems:
Everybody wants healthy, nice looking skin and teeth. That’s why millions of dollars are spent annually on skin care and oral surgery to achieve this. Whether it is to get rid of wrinkles, acne, scars, sagging skin or weak, rotting teeth, everybody wants skin that glows and teeth that shine. But nothing beats the natural beauty of healthy skin and teeth that are nourished from within, below the surface.

Shaklee Vita-C also rejuvenates the entire body, including skin and teeth. It combats bacteria helping diminish acne and balances hormones which restores the right amount of moisture to the skin. With this product you will experience:

  • Clearer, more supple skin with the right amount of moisture*
  • Helps restore gum tissue and tooth decay*
  • Helps with an overall youthful appearance*

Do NOT underestimate the power Vitamin C! 

“What are you waiting for?”

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