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Shaklee products on Amazon.com January 22, 2013

Let me say at the start that I am a BIG fan of Amazon and buy many products through this amazing service, BUT having said that I am having trouble figuring out why anyone would purchase Shaklee products through Amazon when they could go through Authorized Shaklee distributors and in most cases get the product at a better price, with no mark up, NEW product and not expired etc.Keep in mind that not everything you buy on Amazon.com is actually sold by Amazon. Read the fine print to see if an item ships from an external vendor (it’s noted on the item description). If an item doesn’t come directly from the Internet giant, you’ll be subject to the policies of that other company — which might have longer shipping times and less helpful service,Third party sellers also set their own prices,  and so what they charge may not be as competitive as items Amazon sells itself.

In the following few paragraphs I will outline why I think most people would be better off using an authorized Shaklee Distributor to buy Shaklee products versus going through Amazon.


First in the interest of full disclosure it’s important to point out that I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor:So to get to the point, below are the reasons that I think most people would be better off buying Shaklee products directly through an Authorized Shaklee Distributor.

1.     Shaklee does NOT allow it’s distributors to sell through Amazon or any other online auction service, So if you buy product on one of these services you are NOT buying from an authorized Shaklee Distributor. At least not one in good standing.

2.     Since the product can not come directly from Shaklee as it would if you bought it through an authorized Shaklee distributor, it is almost certainly an older product than it would be if you purchased through an authorized Distributor.

To be clear the way Shaklee works is that when you place an order through an authorized distributor, the product that you receive comes directly from Shaklee to you with no stop in between.  When buying through Amazon that is not possible.  The product is shipped to a customer of Shaklee from there ??? and then listed on Amazon and sold again.  The product can NOT be shipped from Shaklee as they would quickly shut that down so the product you receive comes from (Anyones guess) and you can’t even be sure it’s actually a Shaklee product.

3.     Assuming that the product is actually a Genuine Shaklee product and not expired or tampered with, it would still be impossible for a seller on Amazon to offer the product at the same price that you could buy it from an Authorized Shaklee distributor since the fees that Amazon Charges must come out of the price that the Amazon Seller charges as well as Two shipping charges.  One from Shaklee to the seller and one from the seller to you.

4.     Amazon has a great guarantee but not everyone is aware that Shaklee has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for products purchased through authorized distributors as well.

So to clarify you could buy directly through an authorized Shaklee distributor with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Get the products in a sealed box, directly from Shaklee or take your chances with possibly counterfeit or tampered with product possibly outdated, almost certainly old product and at a higher price.  And if the price is not higher the big question has to be WHY?  Most sellers are in business to make money and with the Shipping, amazon fees packaging etc.  If the product is real it MUST be more expensive.

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Searching for stay at home Moms | Work from home! November 26, 2012


So you’ve got your home running like a top & the kids are under control but you’re missing something or you’re looking for something extra to stimulate you or provide some extra income for the holidays.You’ve come to the right place.  We are a group of independent distributors that work as a team to support each other.  For most of us our Home Business is an added income stream or way to be involved in the community and business world right from our homes and with our kids and family’s.

The great thing about this opportunity is that you get to choose your hours, what days and times you work, with who you work and if you even work at all.


Who are we and what is the Opportunity?

We are HomeBizCentral.org and GuideToGreen.com and we represent Shaklee.

What is Shaklee?

For more than 55 years, Shaklee has made the world’s best natural, whole-health products. Today, more  than 1.2 million people around the world use or promoteShaklee products to live a healthier life—and earn a healthier income. Shaklee has four primary product categories:

Healthy Nutrition:

Healthy Weight:

Healthy Home:

Healthy Beauty:

Is Shaklee a reputable company?

Shaklee has been endorsed by, Oprah Winfrey, Rachael Ray, Dr Oz, Gwyneth Paltrow and others.  The company enjoys a AAA+ Better Business Bureau rating and has very positive comments on Wikipedia online.  You can Google all of these items to verify them.

In addition Shaklee invented the very first multivitamin and was the very first company to be certified as 100% climate neutral in their worldwide operations.  Shaklee has been used in the white house as well.  Again we encourage you to google all of these facts to validate our statements.

What We Do

Here at HomeBizCentral.Org & GuideToGreen.com, we promote healthier choices for all ages and walks of life. We want our world to be a healthier place to live and that starts with everyone individually.

Promoting healthier choices for our daily diets with 100% natural supplements from Shaklee and a greener home with cleaners that are safe and free of harmful toxins. These aren’t all of the great products that Shaklee has to offer but rather two of their four categories. We are teamed up with Shaklee the #1 Natural Supplement Company in the United States, are distributors for the markets best supplements out there. Training is another thing that we do here at HomeBizCentral.Org.

We train people just like you who may or may not have experience in the small business world to become elite Shakleedistributors. If your Coachable, and willing to treat Shaklee like a business, then we promise you that you will succeed like you’ve never imaged possible for you and your family.

Creating healthier lifestyles for your body, family, and financial needs is what we do!


Why Join our Shaklee team of distributors?

We are an organization of entrepreneurial leaders that have come together to create a global business model utilizing a revolutionary platform called Social Marketing™.
Each independent leader brings an array of unique talents and abilities to the team. This has enabled us to develop a mentoring system of leadership that allows people the opportunity to build a business of their own, Providing generational income while creating a lifestyle dedicated to better health and prosperity.

The Key difference between us and other work at home businesses is that with HomeBizCentral.org & GuideToGreen.com, we have a system in place to help our team find Leads / Clients / Business. 

We have been able to develop an amazing team that are living the Life of And.  What do we mean by the Life of AND?  For most people, careers create personal situations that involve making decisions of Either/Or.  For example, a choice between working two jobs or longer hours OR spending more time with family.   

HomeBizCentral.org & GuidetoGreen.com together with Shaklee, have created what we call the Land Of AND.  Our teams can with hard work – earn more money AND spend more time with family.   You can live virtually anywhere you want to AND earn a good living.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  Wealth and income are developed with hard work and the association with a company and a team that provide the same benefits to everyone including developing a network both here in the U.S. and around the world.

By combining world class leadership in the preventative health care industry and the growth of internet marketing, we have through our coaching, leadership & our incredible team been able to help many people have  better health, green products AND better wealth.

We looked initially at the Shaklee Corporation because of its natural, clinically tested and verified health products.
They were excellent and we found they performed better than anything we or our friends had ever tried.
We found with Shaklee nutrition and green cleaning line of products we could be healthier more active and have much more time with our friends and family.

We realized that there was a business opportunity surrounding this company and we realized as many of our team members have, the tremendous future in the preventative health care industry.
We and our team members have worked hard to create a tremendous leadership and counseling approach to teaching and training.

Our business principle has been very simple – helping people like us attain their financial and health goals with this company

Come join our amazing Team in the Land of And.

Our company has:
A dynamic CEO who has positioned this company at the apex of the health and wellness industries.
A plan that will change people’s lives for the bet
A business opportunity where with consistent effort you can achieve your dreams.


Shaklee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for any reason a Shaklee Product is not satisfactory, return it to yourShaklee Independent Distributor or Shaklee Corporation for exchange or full refund.If our products are not the best they can be — and the best you can buy — what else matters?

So if you don’t experience the desired results from a Shaklee nutritional, personal care, or household product, you may return the unused portion for a 100% refund.

In addition to a money-back guarantee, we offer:

  • 100% guarantee that the ingredients listed on the label are in the product
  • 100% guarantee of quality-controlled product formulations that ensure product safety, purity, reliability, and product performance
  • 100% guarantee that we use the finest quality ingredients available

Experience the Shaklee Difference for yourself. You deserve it!

Note: BestWater® and AirSource® units are covered by their own special appliance warranties rather than by the standard Shaklee guarantee.

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Our Business is Perfect for Stay at home Moms.

How Shaklee is Different

Social Marketing – A Family Business

An Income Opportunity for You

Tax Advantages: Another reason for a Home Business


Best Shaklee Distributors | Why it’s important to find the BEST November 20, 2012


It’s very important when choosing a Shaklee distributor to partner / sponsor with, that you find the best!  

What makes one distributor or “team” of distributors better than another.  

Very simply put it’s passion for the business, it’s finding a “Team” to work with that cares as much as you do.  It’s partnering with a “Group” that has the same drive and motivation that you do and more…

The Benefits of Finding a Good Shaklee Distributor or “Team’ of distributors:

The demand for a good Shaklee distributor, or any distributor of products, for that matter, is more critical nowadays then ever. People want full service; not just to be talked into signing up as a customer or a representative and then left “high and dry” 

The Shaklee corporation has been around for over 55 years; and over that time they have had a lot of time to test and create superb health products. Shaklee is a company that you should expect, and want excellence in service as well. Below are some of the qualities and characteristics of a good distributor that a buyer or future shaklee rep would and should expect from a current Shaklee distributor.

Four Common characteristics Of A Good Distributor:

1. Are they properly trained? In other words, if they don’t have an answer to a question or concern, they need to be able to have the ability and inclination to get assistance. The goal is to properly equip the new business builder to “run with the ball”. Pride should a non-issue for the Shaklee distributor. Answers should be at their fingertips (such as a phone call away). A quick call or two should suffice in order to supply you the answer you need to promote your business.

2. Are they motivated and committed to providing what you need? A good distributor or team of distributors will make a huge effort to help ensure that your business gets off to a great start; and of course, without pestering to the point of turning into a menace. When you want or need help, your shaklee business partner should be there to support you as much as possible. In fact, helping you to succeed is in his or her best interest.

3. Do do they have teaching skills or do they have the marketing tools to teach? A good Shaklee distributor will ask relevant questions and listen to your answers in order to help improve their service to you. And in turn help you improve your services to your customers and any new Shaklee distributors you may recruit. A good distributor should not just teach, but should also listen to learn how he can best serve you.

4. Is the distributor influential? The distributor should constantly and consistently work on acquiring good leadership qualities and develop into an active leading role, leading other consumers and/or Shaklee distributors in building their business.

If you are serious about building a substantial income and want to do so helping other people than do not hesitate contact us so you can learn how we can help you get started the most effective way. Let us help you get on the fast track to financial success by becoming a Shaklee-distributor with our team.


The thing that makes us different here at HomeBizCentral.org and GuideToGreen.com is that we are a “Team” of Shaklee distributors that work together to support each other, Build the business and support our members.

We have business tools that Shaklee has developed as well as our own, which we share.   In addition we have our Two “Team” websites to spread the word and 
help our team to get business leads.

Take some time, review our sites, then contact us to join our amazing team!

When you join our team 
“You’ll be in business for yourself NOT by yourself”

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Shaklee Reviews & Shaklee Ratings

Shaklee  – Wikipedia Review, How does your company stack up?


Shaklee Complaints | Shaklee Scam


Shaklee Complaints | Shaklee Scam:

Shaklee is the oldest brand in the natural nutrition / natural health industry,they coined the term “Social Marketing” and invented the first multivitamin. Shaklee corporation has been around for over 55 years and literally is a bedrock of integrity and stability in the often changing marketplace of network / social marketing companies.  What are some of the biggest  Shaklee complaints out there and are they founded?

Shaklee has an excellent reputation in the business community, having a A+ rating from the BBB, or better business bureau.

They also have a solid reputation as a leader in the environmental field, having been the first large corporation getting a third party verification of being climate neutral.

However, what about the Shaklee Complaints out there?

One of the biggest controversies, as far as a business builder goes, particularly in today’s day and age is their internet policy towards advertising Shaklee if you already belong to that company..

As is common with many older network marketing companies, they, on the surface appear to be very controlling of their brand name on the internet.  After all, if a company does not have a brand name, what do they have?

However, brand name control is a very tricky thing on the internet, Shaklee being no exception.  Often times what works best is for companies to, rather try to restrict the conversation, which breeds mistrust on an open internet platform, to engage in the conversation and their customers and distributors.

In fact, apparently there was a big point of interest a few years ago when Oprah appeared to endorse the products on her show as “one of her favorite things”.  What happened was that there was a complete ban from the company towards its distributors from using her name in connection with the products.

But, it should be noted that several very prominent Shaklee Independent distributors have built very large businesses using the internet.  They built their organizations in various ways, such as pay per click marketing and using recruiting systems or funded proposals.

Really, from what you can read online, it appears that you simply need to indicate that you are a Shaklee independent distributor in order to use the name of their products or corporate name so as to separate what you are saying with their corporate identity.

So, what is the summary here for Shaklee complaints, particularly surrounding their use of the internet for its distributors?    
Just a company trying to protects its brand an image.

Read below for thoughts on Shaklee as a Scam.


Shaklee Scam – Shaklee Reviews

The fifty five year old company often gets the common question asked,
“is Shaklee a scam?”
No matter how powerful the hype echoes, or how great people say the product or business is, its in your best interest to always do your du-diligence.

Here I will reveal whether or not this company is legit or something we can just throw in the closet for another rainy day.

Shaklee is based out of Pleasanton, CA they manufacture assorted lines of products for health, wellness, weight loss and non toxic cleaning. They have high quality vitamins and supplements, cellular anti-aging, all-natural fat loss, skin care, and biodegradable cleaning concentrates.

They were also ranked as the #1 all-natural nutrition company in the United States when tracking sales volume.  
They were the 1st company to be certified as
“Climate Neutral” 
(which means that they offset their CO2 emissions with zero net impact on the earths atmosphere). 

Shaklee has proven to many around the world that you can make money in large amounts 
while providing a positive climate effective product.

Shaklee’s Historical factors

The company was founded in nineteen fifty six by Dr. Forrest Shaklee. 
He spent more than forty years developing powerful vitamins and minerals that promote well being and a healthy lifestyle.

With the high grade of products they manufactured, 
they integrated a powerful business model to spread the word of the Shaklee name. 
(Social Marketing)

In 2004 Shaklee was purchased and taken over by billionaire investor, Roger Barnett who gave the business a complete paradigm shift into popular fame. 
They were featured on popular shows like “The Rachel Ray Show” and on “Oprahs” favorites things. So now that you have a clean and pure outlook on where Shaklee has survived and flourished, let take a further look into the question..

Does this company have A history of scamming shaklee distributors or customers?

Most times when you come across people yelling the SCAM word, you  find out these people were past distributors themselves whom had zero training or the skillsets required to generate leads or traffic to their affiliate websites. 

A little research shows that the company has  a BBB A+ rating.

Here are a couple notable accomplishments you can credit Shaklee for:

  • Shaklee has been in business for more than 55 years.
  • They provide a actual, tangible items and is even the official nutrition sponsor with the US Olympic Ski Team.
  • Shaklee goods are employed by NASA and have even been endorsed by individuals like Rachael Ray and Oprah
  • First company to be certified as 100% climate neutral.

They’re also shared across 8 nations all over the globe and have spent more than $250 Million on research and development of the products.

Shaklee Scam?
 “Absolutely Not!”

I have come to the conclusion you can make money with shaklee, BUT! To become an effective Shaklee distributor, 
you must hone the skills of the internet in communication with people and you must be able to openly and enthusiastically share your Shaklee story and experience with everyone you meet. 

In the interest of Full Disclosure – HomeBizCentral.org and GuideToGreen.com which we represent are very satisfied Shaklee Independent distributors operating online, in the US and Globally distributing Shaklee products.
We operate as a team of independent distributors working together.
For information on our amazing team, review our sites and then contact us.

Contact Us

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What are your Thoughts?

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Shaklee Reviews & Shaklee Ratings

Shaklee  – Wikipedia Review, How does your company stack up?


Who is Dr. Shaklee?


Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee founded Shaklee in 1956 at age 61 and lived to see it transformed into a Fortune 500 company during his 80s. A man of many talents, Dr. Shaklee’s diverse career path included chiropractor, inventor, author, pastor and radio personality. Each experience helped shape his vision. Today, Shaklee’s “Better You. Better World.™” philosophy directly reflects Dr. Shaklee’s initial vision.

The young Dr. Shaklee’s interest in health started because of a childhood illness: tuberculosis. Instead of hospitals or medicines, his treatment was rest, nutritious food and spending hours outdoors in the Iowa countryside. Living in Harmony with Nature® became a way of life in his formative years.Dr. Shaklee’s interest in good health led him from the fields to the lab and the exam room. He firmly believed that good nutrition was the foundation for overall health and wellness. Always experimenting, Dr. Shaklee developed techniques to extract nutrients from food. His “vitalized minerals” were introduced in 1915, before the concept of vitamins was fully understood. He went on to build successful chiropractic practices and clinics, where he learned from treating patients that good health required nurturing wellness, not just treating illness.Dr. Shaklee was also an early adopter of self-help practices. He wrote several books on the importance of positive thinking, which he copyrighted as “Thoughtsmanship”. He also taught the concepts of harmony, health and the secrets of a successful life on his own weekly radio program.


Nutrition, prevention and the concept of positive living converged in 1956, when Dr. Shaklee and his two sons, Forrest, Jr. and Lee (Raleigh), founded Shaklee Corporation. At that time exercise was a walk to the store, processed foods were a sign of progress, and few even thought about food as nutrition—not entirely unlike today.The Shaklee family founded their company not just to earn healthy profits but also to help people live healthier lives. This simple but profound difference drove the decisions that set the company apart then and now.First, Dr. Shaklee demanded that every product should be the best of its kind and fill a real need, not just a shelf.

Second, his experience working one-on-one with patients led to the company’s direct sales model. He knew personal conversations were the best way to explain the benefits of preventive health. Dr. Shaklee said, “We’ll teach some and they’ll teach others to teach others to teach others.” So the Shaklee men did, talking to people up and down California, using a Plymouth station wagon as their distribution center. They talked, people listened and told others. Even without formal “salespeople” the message spread. The father-and-sons team created a grassroots movement hundreds of thousands strong and a company that today is worth $500 million.

Dr. Shaklee’s innovations didn’t end with nutrition. He practiced “Living in Harmony with Nature®” in home care, inventing a biodegradable cleaner decades before environmental safety was a concern. He pioneered new discoveries in nutrition that went mainstream years later. He wouldn’t have thought much about contemporary labels like eco-chic, organic or self-actualization, but he was a pioneer in all of them. Fifty years later, his company has led hundreds of thousands to better, healthier lives—and helped all of us live in a better world.


The Dr. Shaklee story:

Forrest was born November 1884 and diagnosed with tuberculosis. This boy was thought too weak to survive to adulthood. He vowed to live life to the fullest. From a young age, he accepted nature as his physician. He lived in harmony with nature and believed, “She has never let me down. When nature speaks, I listen.” His family moved to the country in hopes that the clean air and fresh food would prolong Forrest’s life. He was too sickly to help with the farm chores so he spent much of his time watching and contemplating nature. He read, studied, and developed an insight about life. “We too, have an instinct like the migrating birds, telling us what to do. Sometimes forcing us to do things we don’t want to do. But if we listen to nature, we would get along a lot better in this world.”

He studied the bible and verbalized biblical phrases “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” As a child growing up at the turn of the century, his home life was a great foundation of who he was to become. He knew the names of all the spices and herbs his mother used. They used a lot of them. He said “Nature can give you everything you want as long as you read the signs.” His mother was very grateful to know her grandmother’s recipes for using herbs and spices. She believed the medicinal qualities from these plants kept her family healthy and said so.

Forrest was open to all experiences and became a boxer, wrestler, horseman, and ball player. His father encouraged this young man’s physical abilities and his mother encouraged his inquisitive nature. Forrest later became very interested in politics and studied the public speakers of his day. The Chautauqua Circuit came to town. This was when people met in a community area and speakers talked about the issues of the day. This was a way to educate and inspire people in rural towns. The lectures were informative and entertaining. Young Forrest was especially in awe with William Jennings Bryan. Forrest admired his charisma, speaking ability, and his courage to speak his mind so openly. Forest learned more from Bryan, about public speaking, than anyone else.

Mcfadden owner of the McFadden Institute of Physical Culture influence him as well. Forrest learned that health could be maintained with proper diet and lots of exercise. After working for McFadden, Forrest didn’t agree with some of the institute’s business practices. He referred to the bible again and vowed to live and do business by the Golden Rule. Forrest said in an interview regarding working with McFadden “He left an impression upon my life that has been very beneficial. Feed the inner part of this body and it will respond to the demand for strength and ability.”

Because of his eagerness to learn, Forrest Shaklee was invited in to the home of Dr. Clarence Lenly. Forrest also believed feeding the inner part of his soul was very important. He witnessed some of the great thinkers in action, debating intellectual subjects. Clarence Darrell was a renowned attorney and Albert Hubbard was a world famous philosopher. Shaklee found Hubbard to be a wonderful man, deep thinker, and a fair critic. “Think it out Shak, think it out,” Hubbard would say.

Another influence in Shaklee’s life was a professor, B.J. Palmer, while studying at The Palmer School in Davenport, Iowa. Palmer called nature the life force and that vitality comes from the innate strengths within us. Forrest became interested in Chiropractic after a general practitioner misdiagnosed his abdominal pain as appendicitis. Forrest got a 2nd opinion after the doctor said he would need immediate surgery. The Chiropractor cured him without surgery so Forrest wanted to learn more. Forrest debated Palmer over the belief that Chiropractic cures everything, although it is important part of healing many problems. Shaklee also noticed that many of Palmer’s patients were overfed and/or undernourished.

Dr. Shaklee decided to open a medical service clinic in Rockwell City. He convinced a banker to give him a loan even though he didn’t have collateral. Dr Shaklee said he had mental collateral. He will hit the bulls eye! He will achieve what he sets out to achieve! “Blessed is the straight thinker for he will hit the bulls eye.” He got the money and later wrote a book, Thoughtsmanship” He said, “This is a method used to direct the life force because what you think you look, what you think you do, and what you think you are.”He consoled his patients to do the same and to maintain a positive attitude. He said, “The mind is like a wheel barrow. It goes where you push it. You should be wary of those who try to push your mind around. Be careful of negative thinking, it upsets the body balance. Positive thought bring happiness and contentment. Your thoughts can help you get what you go after.”

Dr. Shaklee said, “If you give of yourself, without question, help comes from the most unexpected places.”

His research started with finding a way to get all the values of a square meal in one tablet. He created vitalized minerals. His sons worked by his side.

In those days people were unaware of the dangers of the X-ray machines. Dr. Shaklee used these on a regular basis and developed radiation poisoning. He was told he would lose his arm and die later. He didn’t accept this and pursued another way. It took 3 years and he survived with his arm intact.

Another blow was his laboratory burned down. His research of a lifetime; everything was gone. Again, he relied on his mind. Everything he needed was in his mind to rebuild or recreate his research. This time, though he build a house trailer type vehicle that made the news. He also developed the rubber formula used for the tires. After moving his family to Florida, he encountered Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone. Dr. Shaklee would say about them, If those three men, the brains of our industrial world, could forget their minor troubles of business and act and play together like 3 kids, I should let down for a while, and not take too much strain. My advice to everybody, don’t take yourself so seriously.” This attitude helped him get through losing his wife in a car accident (his boys were about 7 and 12 years old), and the stock market crash.

Dr. Shaklee moved to California and he and his sons, Forrest Jr. and Lee, made a business plan based on the “Thoughtmanship”. All products he developed are “In harmony with Nature”. Instead of selling Shaklee, they said, let us share the dream of Thoughtmanship and anyone can take this dream and make it their own. One of the first, most successful, and longest running MLM companies was born.

Dr. Shaklee started building this business in 1956 at the age of 62 when most people are retiring. He remarried in 1957.

What credentials did he collect along the way?

He earned a Doctor of Divinity. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1915 and later received a Philosopher of Chiropractic degree (1932) and a doctor of Naturopathy diploma (1933). In 1937 he was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award by Standard Chiropractic College in San Jose, CA. In 1968 Dr. Shaklee received the Special Recognition Award from the California Secretary of State.

After years of struggle and financial and personal tragedies Dr. Shaklee persevered until his death on December 15, 1985. He overcame three life threatening health conditions, the untimely death of his 1st wife, a fire, the stock market crash, and many other challenges. After all of this, he found success as a renowned philosopher, scientist, and businessman. He left a legacy to his sons and created a business now 51 years old, that has helped and still helping, so many people.

Dr. Shaklee said, “Your future will be exactly what you think to make it.” and “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

“Age is not a question of years.

It is a question with how you deal with those years.
To heck with yesterday!
What are you doing tomorrow?
You are at the beginning!”



How to Join Shaklee and Become a Shaklee Distributor November 10, 2012

How to join Shaklee and become a Distributor:

Consider joining the HomeBizCentral.org Team.  

What’s the difference between becoming a Shaklee distributor on your own and Joining our “team” of Shaklee Distributors?“TEAM” that’s the difference!  
We operate as a team, We support each other, We mentor each other and we help each other find customers / Leads with our two websites, internet and print marketing and other marketing avenues. 
We will not accept any distributors onto our team that don’t agree to work with us as a “team”.

Shaklee, is a company that manufactures and distributes a variety of environmentally friendly, healthy, “green” products.  Shaklee was founded in 1956 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee. Shaklee is a Social Marketing company, which means that anyone who loves Shaklee products can become a distributor of the company. In 1915, Dr. Forrest C. Shakleeinvented the world’s first multivitamin and the first Shaklee product – See Google for Details…

Shaklee Distributors work as independent contractors and may choose to sell the product in a variety of ways, including at home parties and through websites. 

Successful Shaklee distributors can qualify for bonuses and earn extra income(Up to $100,000 in the first 15 months). While hard work and persistence is necessary to become successful, the process of becoming a distributor is easy.

Step 1:
Contact the person that introduced you to Shaklee products. Potential distributors must register through a current distributor. This person will become the mentor / Sponsor for your Shaklee business.Step 2:
Choose a distribution option. The regular distributor options allows you to sell and distribute Shaklee merchandise and earn commissions / Bonuses but provides less support and tools than the more expensive Gold Ambassador option. 

The Gold Ambassador option provides a variety of marketing and training materials, including product training and use of a website to sell the products online for three months. 

Ask your Shaklee Sponsor if you are unsure which option would be most appropriate for your situation.

Step 3:
Complete the necessary registration paperwork and wait for your welcome packet. Familiarize yourself with the products and policies of the company.

Step 4:
Find your target market. Seek out people that would appreciate the fact that Shaklee products are environmentally friendly. Browse “green” forums or message boards to gain insight on the types of issues and concerns people have about similar products.

Step 5:
Begin selling. Ask if any family members, friends or co-workers are interested in purchasing products or hosting a party. If they are not, ask if they know anyone else who may be interested. Market your products online or through Shaklee fliers or brochures. Ask your Shaklee sponsor and coach for advice on marketing and selling the product.

Step 6:
Recruit new members. Shaklee offers additional compensation for distributors who sign up new Shaklee members in addition to selling the products. After signing up new members, provide the support they need to be successful.


  • Shaklee sometimes runs special promotions where distributors can earn extra commissions or bonuses. 
  • Ask your coach or Sponsor to keep you informed of these special events.

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Shaklee Reviews & Shaklee Ratings


Below is an aggregation of Shaklee Reviews and Shaklee Ratings from Shaklee Customers, ShakleeDistributors & the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Take a look and decide for yourself.

“Love having my own business. And being my own boss.” Current Co-owner in New York, NY – Reviewed Jul 30, 2012

Pros – You get to help people live healthier & wealthier lives. Pick your own vacation time. Work from home.

Cons – Can’t think of any that would be a con. Working for yourself!

Currently working full time – been at Shaklee for more than 10 years

  •  Work/Life Balance
  •  Culture & Values
  •  Compensation & Benefits
  •  Career Opportunities
  •  Senior Leadership
  • Would recommend this company to a friend

“Great brand name, established company, reinventing itself like any other 55 year old company does.
” Former Employee in Pleasanton, CA – Reviewed Feb 3, 2012

Pros – The people that sell Shaklee (Distributors) are some of the very best in the industry. Solid products. New earning opportunity is very promising.

Cons – Resources, resources, resources. Like any company struggling through today’s economy, you have to run a tight ship and be very efficient, lean and mean. This is a blessing and a curse.

Advice to Senior Management – Keep doing what you need to do to make Shaklee great. Be more efficient, focused and united as you grow.

“Shaklee has been life changing” Current Gold Ambassador in Virginia Beach, VA – Reviewed Feb 18, 2011

Pros – It is a company that is all about health and service, helping people to live better lives. It is the top nutrition company in the United States, and it provides more compensation to employees than any other company in its class.

Cons – Some of the scientific findings are hard to access, and more support videos on the website would serve well in communicating information to prospective members.

Advice to Senior Management – It would be great if Shaklee published an “Encyclopedia of Nutrition” that gave extensive information on each product, along with its components (herb, vitamin, etc.). Also, have it include all of the scientific articles and studies.

“Fabulous company” Current Distributor – Reviewed Aug 31, 2012

Pros – Unlimited income potential and flexible hours. Offers cars, and trips

Cons – No health benefits as far as insurance


The Natural Nutrition Company

For more than 55 years, Shaklee has been a name that people can trust, and Shaklee isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  Shaklee was born in the year 1956, and since that time they have been improving upon their products year by year, making the first biodegradable cleaner ever.

Shaklee chooses not to use animals for testing, and they believe that all of their products shouldn’t be sold unless they have been proven to be natural, safe, and effective.
A 55 year old company alone should tell you that this is a great company, but let’s continue.

Shaklee is clearly a company that takes pride in offering all things natural, meaning that there are no parabens, no harmful chemicals, no propylene glycol, and many other harmful things that many other companies use in their products.

Shaklee reviews more than 300 tests to be absolutely sure that all ingredients are natural and safe to use in their products, and as a result, every product is guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Today they carry a full line of health, nutrition, weight management, beauty, and household products, all designed to help you take care of your entire family and home. What more could you ask from a company that has focused on creating all things natural?


Basic H2 All Purpose Cleaner:

I didn’t think I was going to like the Shaklee cleaning products as much as I do. I’ve been using natural cleaning products for years: Citrasolve, Simple Green, Seventh Generation, Meyers. When people would talk about Basic H2 and the Shaklee cleaning line like it was the next best thing to chocolate, I would roll my eyes. That is until I tried the products. Now guess what? I love the products!!!!!

I particularly love Basic H2, Shaklee’s foundation product. It’s easy to use and cost effective. You buy one bottle of Basic H2 and three mixing spray bottles which create a basic cleaner, a glass cleaner, and a degreaser. The amounts you use per bottle are so small that one bottle will last for a few years. (Shaklee figures that users of the window cleaner alone have eliminated 2.7 billion bottles from waste sites.)

Here is what I love the most about the Basic H2: it’s effective, it’s gentle, and it’s odorless. I never realized how much the smell of cleaning products bothered me. But you spray Basic H2 and no chemical smell comes at you. No particles get into your nose. It doesn’t bother your lungs. It’s very gentle and oddly effective at cleaning just about anything. So far I haven’t encountered any cleaning project Basic H couldn’t handle.

And when it comes to windows and mirrors, I thought I would use Windex until the day I died and someone would then have to pry it out of my hands. But I love, love, love the Basic H window cleaner. It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t mist into your nose, and it doesn’t streak. Really, it does not streak. Of course, if your windows are very dirty you will have to go over them a few times, but you would have to do that with Windex too.

In addition to all that Basic H2 is organic. It’s patented formula is made from corn and coconut. I know people who bathe their dogs in it. I even know one person who brushed her teeth with it when she ran out of toothpaste. Shaklee was the first company to ever market a biodegradable cleaner and as far as I can tell Basic H2 is still the best one out there.

Spray-Bottle Three Pack
Shaklee makes it so easy to mix Basic H2 into three products with the spray-bottle three-pack. Each bottle is clearly labeled with the product name – degreaser, all-purpose cleaner, and window cleaner. The directions for mixing each formula are on each bottle. Easy!

Scour-Off is the perfect compliment to Basic H2. I use it on sinks, tubs, and caked-on pans for when I really need to scrub. It also polishes copper. Non-toxic, bio-degradable, no fumes (smells like cherries), and gentle on your hands. Oh, and so effective!

Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate
This is the first dish-washing liquid I’ve come across that does not give me contact dermatitis and that works well enough for my husband to give-up using Dawn. (I wonder how much Dawn residue I’ve ingested in my life?) The fact that it is organic/biodegradable and non-toxic is just a bonus. I had to get used to how intensely concentrated it is though. One or two drops is all you need.

Dish Washer Automatic Powder Cleaner
My mother and I had tried all the natural products available to us but we kept going back to Cascade because in the end the dishes do have to be clean. Shaklee automatic dish washing powder is the first all-natural, biodegradable product that worked for us. It is also super concentrated. One bag lasted us three months washing almost every day, sometimes twice.

Laundy Booster
This laundry booster is amazing stuff. It whitens and brightens using enzymes and is safe for colors. It even cleans oils out of sheets making it a favorite of massage therapists everywhere.

Fresh Laundry Concentrate – Liquid or Powder (scented / unscented)
– both are natural, hypoallergenic, and concentrated; both have no chlorine, no phosphates and have biodegradable surfactants; both come scented and unscented. The liquid concentrate is compatible with high-efficiency washers. The powder washes 88 loads and comes in minimal packaging.


Shaklee Corporation (Headquarters)
Phone: (925) 924-2000
Fax: (925) 924-28624747 Willow Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588

On a scale of A+ to F (Shaklee’s Rating A+)
Reason for Rating

BBB Ratings System Overview

BBB Accreditation
A BBB Accredited Business since 12/01/1965

BBB has determined that Shaklee Corporation meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services.

Reason for Rating
BBB rating is based on 16 factors.

Factors that raised Shaklee Corporation’s rating include:

  • Length of time business has been operating.
  • Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size.
  • Response to 11 complaint(s) filed against business.
  • Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.
  • BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

Additional Information
BBB file opened: 01/01/1965
Business started: 01/01/1954
Type of EntityCorporation
Incorporated: January 1987, DE

Contact Information
Principal: Mr. Roger Barnett (Chairman and CEO)
Customer Contact: Ms. Marjorie L. Fine (Executive Vice President and General Counsel)
Ms. Cathy Keating (VP, Field Communication)
Number of Employees 250

Business Category
Nutrition, Internet Shopping, Vitamins & Food Supplements, Health Maintenance Organizations

Products & Services
This company offers nutritional alternatives, personal care products, household products and water treatment systems.

Service Area
This company services worldwide.

BBB Program Participation
This company has agreed to use special procedures including arbitration, if necessary, to resolve disputes through their participation in the following programs: BBB Identification, BBB OnLine.

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