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Best Shaklee Distributors | Why it’s important to find the BEST November 20, 2012


It’s very important when choosing a Shaklee distributor to partner / sponsor with, that you find the best!  

What makes one distributor or “team” of distributors better than another.  

Very simply put it’s passion for the business, it’s finding a “Team” to work with that cares as much as you do.  It’s partnering with a “Group” that has the same drive and motivation that you do and more…

The Benefits of Finding a Good Shaklee Distributor or “Team’ of distributors:

The demand for a good Shaklee distributor, or any distributor of products, for that matter, is more critical nowadays then ever. People want full service; not just to be talked into signing up as a customer or a representative and then left “high and dry” 

The Shaklee corporation has been around for over 55 years; and over that time they have had a lot of time to test and create superb health products. Shaklee is a company that you should expect, and want excellence in service as well. Below are some of the qualities and characteristics of a good distributor that a buyer or future shaklee rep would and should expect from a current Shaklee distributor.

Four Common characteristics Of A Good Distributor:

1. Are they properly trained? In other words, if they don’t have an answer to a question or concern, they need to be able to have the ability and inclination to get assistance. The goal is to properly equip the new business builder to “run with the ball”. Pride should a non-issue for the Shaklee distributor. Answers should be at their fingertips (such as a phone call away). A quick call or two should suffice in order to supply you the answer you need to promote your business.

2. Are they motivated and committed to providing what you need? A good distributor or team of distributors will make a huge effort to help ensure that your business gets off to a great start; and of course, without pestering to the point of turning into a menace. When you want or need help, your shaklee business partner should be there to support you as much as possible. In fact, helping you to succeed is in his or her best interest.

3. Do do they have teaching skills or do they have the marketing tools to teach? A good Shaklee distributor will ask relevant questions and listen to your answers in order to help improve their service to you. And in turn help you improve your services to your customers and any new Shaklee distributors you may recruit. A good distributor should not just teach, but should also listen to learn how he can best serve you.

4. Is the distributor influential? The distributor should constantly and consistently work on acquiring good leadership qualities and develop into an active leading role, leading other consumers and/or Shaklee distributors in building their business.

If you are serious about building a substantial income and want to do so helping other people than do not hesitate contact us so you can learn how we can help you get started the most effective way. Let us help you get on the fast track to financial success by becoming a Shaklee-distributor with our team.


The thing that makes us different here at HomeBizCentral.org and GuideToGreen.com is that we are a “Team” of Shaklee distributors that work together to support each other, Build the business and support our members.

We have business tools that Shaklee has developed as well as our own, which we share.   In addition we have our Two “Team” websites to spread the word and 
help our team to get business leads.

Take some time, review our sites, then contact us to join our amazing team!

When you join our team 
“You’ll be in business for yourself NOT by yourself”

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