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Shaklee products on Amazon.com January 22, 2013

Let me say at the start that I am a BIG fan of Amazon and buy many products through this amazing service, BUT having said that I am having trouble figuring out why anyone would purchase Shaklee products through Amazon when they could go through Authorized Shaklee distributors and in most cases get the product at a better price, with no mark up, NEW product and not expired etc.Keep in mind that not everything you buy on Amazon.com is actually sold by Amazon. Read the fine print to see if an item ships from an external vendor (it’s noted on the item description). If an item doesn’t come directly from the Internet giant, you’ll be subject to the policies of that other company — which might have longer shipping times and less helpful service,Third party sellers also set their own prices,  and so what they charge may not be as competitive as items Amazon sells itself.

In the following few paragraphs I will outline why I think most people would be better off using an authorized Shaklee Distributor to buy Shaklee products versus going through Amazon.


First in the interest of full disclosure it’s important to point out that I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor:So to get to the point, below are the reasons that I think most people would be better off buying Shaklee products directly through an Authorized Shaklee Distributor.

1.     Shaklee does NOT allow it’s distributors to sell through Amazon or any other online auction service, So if you buy product on one of these services you are NOT buying from an authorized Shaklee Distributor. At least not one in good standing.

2.     Since the product can not come directly from Shaklee as it would if you bought it through an authorized Shaklee distributor, it is almost certainly an older product than it would be if you purchased through an authorized Distributor.

To be clear the way Shaklee works is that when you place an order through an authorized distributor, the product that you receive comes directly from Shaklee to you with no stop in between.  When buying through Amazon that is not possible.  The product is shipped to a customer of Shaklee from there ??? and then listed on Amazon and sold again.  The product can NOT be shipped from Shaklee as they would quickly shut that down so the product you receive comes from (Anyones guess) and you can’t even be sure it’s actually a Shaklee product.

3.     Assuming that the product is actually a Genuine Shaklee product and not expired or tampered with, it would still be impossible for a seller on Amazon to offer the product at the same price that you could buy it from an Authorized Shaklee distributor since the fees that Amazon Charges must come out of the price that the Amazon Seller charges as well as Two shipping charges.  One from Shaklee to the seller and one from the seller to you.

4.     Amazon has a great guarantee but not everyone is aware that Shaklee has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for products purchased through authorized distributors as well.

So to clarify you could buy directly through an authorized Shaklee distributor with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Get the products in a sealed box, directly from Shaklee or take your chances with possibly counterfeit or tampered with product possibly outdated, almost certainly old product and at a higher price.  And if the price is not higher the big question has to be WHY?  Most sellers are in business to make money and with the Shipping, amazon fees packaging etc.  If the product is real it MUST be more expensive.

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Shaklee product review | Nutriferon (Immune Booster) December 3, 2012


Shaklee has a product called NutriFeron (exclusive to Shaklee) that boosts the body’s own immune protection – interferon. Shaklee has at least 4 clinical trials thus far that are proving NutriFeron’s effectiveness. NutriFeron boosts your body’s own production of interferon. I for one am taking preventive measures to protect my family by strengthening our own immune system. We take NutriFeron everyday. Read below for more information on this amazing product from Shaklee.

Since interferon is produced by the immune system when faced with threats like viruses and tumors, it’s natural to assume a supplement that helps you make more interferon might protect you against the flu or other viruses.

One dose (2 caplets) gives you 500 mg of: “MACH® Patented blend of Interferon-boosting Plant Extracts.” This includes:

Pumpkin seed extract (Cucurbita moschata)
Safflower flower extract (Carthamus tinctorius)
Asian Plantain seed extract (Plantago asiatica)
Japanese Honeysuckle flower extract (Lonicera japonica)

Nothing strange like eye of newt or anything — just seed and flower extracts. But what do these seed and flower extracts do for us? 

How do we know this “patented blend” actually boosts interferon as claimed?

The label says NutriFeron is a “POWERFUL BREAKTHROUGH IN IMMUNE SYSTEM SCIENCE” and that it is a “clinically tested, natural interferon booster.*”

Shaklee has published numerous clinical studies to support it’s claims and these can be found at it’s corporate website.

Below are four of the clinical studies there are others noted on Shaklee corporate website and almost 100 have been published on this and other Shaklee products.

Ushiroyama T., Yoshida S., Tadaki K., Ikeda A., Ueki M. “Clinical efficacy of EH0202, a Kampo formula, on the health of middle-aged women.” Am J Chin Med. 2004;32(5):755-70. 
Ushiroyama T,Yoshida S,Tadaki K, Ikeda A, Ueki M.A pilot study of a Kampo formula, EH0202, with intriguing results for menopausal symptoms. J Altern Complement Med. 2004 Apr;10 (2):397-9. 

Kaji K,Yoshida S, Nagata N,Yamashita T, Mizukoshi E, Honda M, Kojima Y, Kaneko S. An open-label study of administration of EH0202, a health-food additive, to patients with chronic hepatitis C. J Gastroenterol. 2004 Sep;39(9):873-8.
Kubo M, Hashimoto Y,Yoshida S.

    The effect of health food containing EH0202 on physical and mental symptoms accompanying menstruation in women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).Clin Pharm Ther. 2004;14(2):129-142.

10 Reasons to Support Your Immune System with NutriFeron® The Powerful Breakthrough in Immune System Science
Now more than ever is the time to take care of yourself. Every day your immune system has to protect you from millions of microbes that inhabit your surroundings—microbes you may be breathing, eating, touching, or sharing.1. Naturally Boosts Interferon Levels
Scientists have identified interferon as being critical to healthy immune function. NutriFeron is the ONLY DIETARY SUPPLEMENT IN THE U.S. created by the immunologist who discovered interferon THAT NATURALLY INCREASES THE PRODUCTION OF INTERFERON IN THE BODY.2. Created by the Discoverer of Interferon
Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima, the world-renowned immunologist who discovered interferon in 1954, dedicated 40 years of research to finding natural compounds that would provide a boost to interferon production. This patented botanical blend is found in NutriFeron. NutriFeron from Shaklee is the ONLY IMMUNITY SUPPLEMENT IN THE U.S. CREATED BY THE DISCOVERER OF INTERFERON.3. 40 Years of Research
After 40 years of painstaking research testing hundreds of natural compounds and herbs, Dr. Kojima developed a UNIQUE BLEND OF FOUR POWERFUL PLANT EXTRACTS that boosts the body’s natural production of interferon.4. Patented Blend of Interferon-Boosting Plant Extracts
The exclusive formula includes pumpkinseed extract, safflower flower extract, Asian Plantain seed extract, and Japanese Honeysuckle flower extract. Each serving provides 500 mg of immunity-bolstering ingredients.5. Supported by Four Human Clinical Studies
Four published clinical studies confirm the extraordinary health and immune-supporting benefits of the proprietary blend of plant extracts found in NutriFeron. This potent-yet-safe phytonutrient blend provides immune support right at the cellular level.6. Exclusive Formula Protected by 3 Patents
NutriFeron is supported by THREE patents and is available only through Shaklee Independent Distributors. This unique, patented formula is a Shaklee exclusive.7. Made to the Highest Quality Standards
A powerfully effective supplement, NutriFeron has been subjected to a stringent set of scientific tests for safety, purity, potency, and performance.8. Springtime Blooms Tear You Up?
Preliminary studies suggest that NutriFeron balances your immune response against environmental irritants and airborne pollutants.9. Sign up for AutoShip, Save 10%
Products ordered with Auto-ship qualify for a 10% discount from Shaklee when the order is placed.10. Don’t Like It? Don’t Pay for It
Shaklee takes pride in making products that are naturally safe—AND proven effective. To prove it, every Shaklee product is backed by an unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee.  Always Safe.  Always Works.  Always Green

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Shaklee Reviews & Shaklee Ratings November 10, 2012


Below is an aggregation of Shaklee Reviews and Shaklee Ratings from Shaklee Customers, ShakleeDistributors & the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Take a look and decide for yourself.

“Love having my own business. And being my own boss.” Current Co-owner in New York, NY – Reviewed Jul 30, 2012

Pros – You get to help people live healthier & wealthier lives. Pick your own vacation time. Work from home.

Cons – Can’t think of any that would be a con. Working for yourself!

Currently working full time – been at Shaklee for more than 10 years

  •  Work/Life Balance
  •  Culture & Values
  •  Compensation & Benefits
  •  Career Opportunities
  •  Senior Leadership
  • Would recommend this company to a friend

“Great brand name, established company, reinventing itself like any other 55 year old company does.
” Former Employee in Pleasanton, CA – Reviewed Feb 3, 2012

Pros – The people that sell Shaklee (Distributors) are some of the very best in the industry. Solid products. New earning opportunity is very promising.

Cons – Resources, resources, resources. Like any company struggling through today’s economy, you have to run a tight ship and be very efficient, lean and mean. This is a blessing and a curse.

Advice to Senior Management – Keep doing what you need to do to make Shaklee great. Be more efficient, focused and united as you grow.

“Shaklee has been life changing” Current Gold Ambassador in Virginia Beach, VA – Reviewed Feb 18, 2011

Pros – It is a company that is all about health and service, helping people to live better lives. It is the top nutrition company in the United States, and it provides more compensation to employees than any other company in its class.

Cons – Some of the scientific findings are hard to access, and more support videos on the website would serve well in communicating information to prospective members.

Advice to Senior Management – It would be great if Shaklee published an “Encyclopedia of Nutrition” that gave extensive information on each product, along with its components (herb, vitamin, etc.). Also, have it include all of the scientific articles and studies.

“Fabulous company” Current Distributor – Reviewed Aug 31, 2012

Pros – Unlimited income potential and flexible hours. Offers cars, and trips

Cons – No health benefits as far as insurance


The Natural Nutrition Company

For more than 55 years, Shaklee has been a name that people can trust, and Shaklee isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  Shaklee was born in the year 1956, and since that time they have been improving upon their products year by year, making the first biodegradable cleaner ever.

Shaklee chooses not to use animals for testing, and they believe that all of their products shouldn’t be sold unless they have been proven to be natural, safe, and effective.
A 55 year old company alone should tell you that this is a great company, but let’s continue.

Shaklee is clearly a company that takes pride in offering all things natural, meaning that there are no parabens, no harmful chemicals, no propylene glycol, and many other harmful things that many other companies use in their products.

Shaklee reviews more than 300 tests to be absolutely sure that all ingredients are natural and safe to use in their products, and as a result, every product is guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Today they carry a full line of health, nutrition, weight management, beauty, and household products, all designed to help you take care of your entire family and home. What more could you ask from a company that has focused on creating all things natural?


Basic H2 All Purpose Cleaner:

I didn’t think I was going to like the Shaklee cleaning products as much as I do. I’ve been using natural cleaning products for years: Citrasolve, Simple Green, Seventh Generation, Meyers. When people would talk about Basic H2 and the Shaklee cleaning line like it was the next best thing to chocolate, I would roll my eyes. That is until I tried the products. Now guess what? I love the products!!!!!

I particularly love Basic H2, Shaklee’s foundation product. It’s easy to use and cost effective. You buy one bottle of Basic H2 and three mixing spray bottles which create a basic cleaner, a glass cleaner, and a degreaser. The amounts you use per bottle are so small that one bottle will last for a few years. (Shaklee figures that users of the window cleaner alone have eliminated 2.7 billion bottles from waste sites.)

Here is what I love the most about the Basic H2: it’s effective, it’s gentle, and it’s odorless. I never realized how much the smell of cleaning products bothered me. But you spray Basic H2 and no chemical smell comes at you. No particles get into your nose. It doesn’t bother your lungs. It’s very gentle and oddly effective at cleaning just about anything. So far I haven’t encountered any cleaning project Basic H couldn’t handle.

And when it comes to windows and mirrors, I thought I would use Windex until the day I died and someone would then have to pry it out of my hands. But I love, love, love the Basic H window cleaner. It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t mist into your nose, and it doesn’t streak. Really, it does not streak. Of course, if your windows are very dirty you will have to go over them a few times, but you would have to do that with Windex too.

In addition to all that Basic H2 is organic. It’s patented formula is made from corn and coconut. I know people who bathe their dogs in it. I even know one person who brushed her teeth with it when she ran out of toothpaste. Shaklee was the first company to ever market a biodegradable cleaner and as far as I can tell Basic H2 is still the best one out there.

Spray-Bottle Three Pack
Shaklee makes it so easy to mix Basic H2 into three products with the spray-bottle three-pack. Each bottle is clearly labeled with the product name – degreaser, all-purpose cleaner, and window cleaner. The directions for mixing each formula are on each bottle. Easy!

Scour-Off is the perfect compliment to Basic H2. I use it on sinks, tubs, and caked-on pans for when I really need to scrub. It also polishes copper. Non-toxic, bio-degradable, no fumes (smells like cherries), and gentle on your hands. Oh, and so effective!

Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate
This is the first dish-washing liquid I’ve come across that does not give me contact dermatitis and that works well enough for my husband to give-up using Dawn. (I wonder how much Dawn residue I’ve ingested in my life?) The fact that it is organic/biodegradable and non-toxic is just a bonus. I had to get used to how intensely concentrated it is though. One or two drops is all you need.

Dish Washer Automatic Powder Cleaner
My mother and I had tried all the natural products available to us but we kept going back to Cascade because in the end the dishes do have to be clean. Shaklee automatic dish washing powder is the first all-natural, biodegradable product that worked for us. It is also super concentrated. One bag lasted us three months washing almost every day, sometimes twice.

Laundy Booster
This laundry booster is amazing stuff. It whitens and brightens using enzymes and is safe for colors. It even cleans oils out of sheets making it a favorite of massage therapists everywhere.

Fresh Laundry Concentrate – Liquid or Powder (scented / unscented)
– both are natural, hypoallergenic, and concentrated; both have no chlorine, no phosphates and have biodegradable surfactants; both come scented and unscented. The liquid concentrate is compatible with high-efficiency washers. The powder washes 88 loads and comes in minimal packaging.


Shaklee Corporation (Headquarters)
Phone: (925) 924-2000
Fax: (925) 924-28624747 Willow Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588

On a scale of A+ to F (Shaklee’s Rating A+)
Reason for Rating

BBB Ratings System Overview

BBB Accreditation
A BBB Accredited Business since 12/01/1965

BBB has determined that Shaklee Corporation meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services.

Reason for Rating
BBB rating is based on 16 factors.

Factors that raised Shaklee Corporation’s rating include:

  • Length of time business has been operating.
  • Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size.
  • Response to 11 complaint(s) filed against business.
  • Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.
  • BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

Additional Information
BBB file opened: 01/01/1965
Business started: 01/01/1954
Type of EntityCorporation
Incorporated: January 1987, DE

Contact Information
Principal: Mr. Roger Barnett (Chairman and CEO)
Customer Contact: Ms. Marjorie L. Fine (Executive Vice President and General Counsel)
Ms. Cathy Keating (VP, Field Communication)
Number of Employees 250

Business Category
Nutrition, Internet Shopping, Vitamins & Food Supplements, Health Maintenance Organizations

Products & Services
This company offers nutritional alternatives, personal care products, household products and water treatment systems.

Service Area
This company services worldwide.

BBB Program Participation
This company has agreed to use special procedures including arbitration, if necessary, to resolve disputes through their participation in the following programs: BBB Identification, BBB OnLine.

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