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Shaklee near me? November 18, 2012


Shaklee near me? How to Find a Shaklee distributor? 

So here’s the great news, It doesn’t matter where your Shaklee distributor is located. 

Why you ask?
Because all Shaklee products are available online.

Once you become a Shaklee member, you get your very own website to use to order your Shaklee products.

Of course when you become a Shaklee member through  HomeBizCetral.org or GuideToGreen.com your Shaklee distributor will still be available to answer your questions or help you with orders.


Why join Shaklee through HomeBizCentral.orgor GuideToGreen.com instead of any other Shaklee distributors?

The answer is simple, When you join Shaklee with us you get a team of professional Shaklee distributors that work together to support our customers. 
If one of our team members is not available to assist you there are many others that can help you with your problem or question.

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Shaklee, Doing what’s right! November 17, 2012


Why Shaklee?

There are a plethora of reasons to choose Shaklee over other nutrition company’s for your health, wellness or business partner.  The reasons range from Shaklee’s ground breaking natural products that have been rigorously tested to be safe and proven effective, to the companies guiding principle of following the laws of nature and commitment to be a green company. (Shaklee was the First company to be certified as Carbon Neutral.) Or possible Shaklee’s ground breaking scientific breakthroughs of developing the first Multivitamin or developing the best anti aging product in the world. (Vivix).

Shaklee is the Number One natural nutrition company in the US and one of the best Social marketing companies too! many people have improved their health, wellness and wealth by using and working with Shaklee.  Below is a recent Forbes interview with our incredible CEO Roger Barnett.  Take a look and see what you think.


The Right Thing to Do:

Roger Barnett is CEO of Shaklee, a nutrition and personal care products company founded in 1956 on the principle, “follow the laws of nature and you’ll never go wrong.” Shaklee was one of the first companies to remove water-polluting phosphates from its cleaning products and became the first carbon neutral certified company in the world in 2000. Barnett spoke to Momentum and Terry Waghorn of Forbes recently about Shaklee’s role as a sustainability innovator.

Q: You have said you want Shaklee to be the first corporation to win a Nobel Peace Prize – for eradicating child malnutrition. Tell us about that.

My goal is for Shaklee to be the first company to solely win the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2004 Wangari Maathai won it for the Green Belt movement, which paid people 8 cents per tree to plant trees and as a result planted 30 million trees and helped people take control of their lives using financial incentives to improve the environment. In 2006 Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank won it for microloans, which help create sustainability. Without income or sustainability you can’t have the basis for peace. The third layer is health. From my perspective, because Shaklee is about health and also provides income opportunities to people at scale―in the millions―and also is about sustainability products, that would be the natural next step, to look at someone contributing to health and income and sustainability at the same time.

Q: Health is the foundation of Shaklee. Preventable chronic disease is at an all-time high in North America, yet science is better than ever. What factors are causing this scenario?

I think there is a growing awareness for prevention to be a salvational principle for our health care system here in North America and around the rest of the world. Economic pressures are going to force that as health care costs continue to escalate and if left unchanged will become too great a burden on our country. So the bottom line will drive a very positive outcome―a focus on lifestyle and nutrition that will allow people to live more active, productive lives for longer. And it is my great hope that Shaklee can help be an agent of change by sharing and educating people about prevention.

Q: Why did Shaklee choose to become carbon neutral?

Shaklee was founded on the principle of living in harmony with nature in 1956. Each and every decade the company has tried to make that founding principle real, tangible and relevant. So in the ’60s we were the first to take phosphates out of laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent. Then we pioneered the idea of superconcentration―as a result, in just the past few years, we’ve saved enough plastic bottles that if you laid them end to end they would go around the Earth more than 29 times. In the ’80s we sponsored expeditions to the North Pole to measure the impact of climate change. In the ’90s we planted a million trees. In 2000 we wanted to show leadership for this decade, so we became the first company in the world to be Climate Neutral certified so as to leave no footprint on this planet. In order to do that we had to first help create a certification organization, then measure and quantify our carbon emissions. Then we went to local cities and created our own offset projects. We thought that, leading the way in becoming carbon neutral, we could get our corporate brothers and sisters to follow. We’re not the biggest company in the world, but we think we can lead by example.

We just did it because it was the right thing to do. But one of the interesting things is that we sort of measured the extra loyalty factor that we think accrues to Shaklee as a result of being a mission-oriented company. Our average tenure of distributor is 11 years. Our average customer has four to five times the retention rate of other companies in our industry. We attribute a lot of that to our values. Therefore, we feel in retrospect that there has actually been a very big economic benefit as a result of doing things for the right reasons.

Q: What do you say to people who contend you can’t be green and be profitable?

I’m hoping that argument is starting to disappear. When we look at our business and the incremental loyalty we attribute to being a mission-driven company, we believe that we have generated an extra $1 billion of sales over the lifetime of our company. I also think a lot of companies are realizing that the analysis of measuring carbon inputs and outputs has resulted in a significant reduction in the costs in the system.

I also believe being sustainable and green is increasingly becoming the ante of being in the business. It is not sufficient to be green; if the product doesn’t work as well, then you’re out of business. And I don’t believe consumers are willing to pay a premium for it. However, I believe that a green product with the same price and performance will always win against a nongreen product. At least in our case, it’s been a huge benefit to our bottom line.

Q: What’s next?

We have a continuous cycle of innovation. Our next general big push from product innovation will try to address the preventable side of where we are on the product health front―rising costs and rising health factors like obesity and diabetes. We’re trying to help people avoid that by being leaner and healthier. The flip side is that there is undernutrition, something which in our society should not exist. Unlike cancer or other kinds of disease where we don’t have the cure, we have the technology to deliver micro- and macronutrients on a very affordable basis at scale.

In the developing world, I think the Shaklee distribution model can solve the “last mile of distribution” problem to move this from a clinic-based model to a Social Marketing™ based model. It provides income and financial incentives for people to go educate others and therefore learn themselves. Scaling up that model is where I hope Shaklee can play a role over the next decade.

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Shaklee Reviews & Shaklee Ratings

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Shaklee Reviews & Shaklee Ratings November 10, 2012


Below is an aggregation of Shaklee Reviews and Shaklee Ratings from Shaklee Customers, ShakleeDistributors & the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Take a look and decide for yourself.

“Love having my own business. And being my own boss.” Current Co-owner in New York, NY – Reviewed Jul 30, 2012

Pros – You get to help people live healthier & wealthier lives. Pick your own vacation time. Work from home.

Cons – Can’t think of any that would be a con. Working for yourself!

Currently working full time – been at Shaklee for more than 10 years

  •  Work/Life Balance
  •  Culture & Values
  •  Compensation & Benefits
  •  Career Opportunities
  •  Senior Leadership
  • Would recommend this company to a friend

“Great brand name, established company, reinventing itself like any other 55 year old company does.
” Former Employee in Pleasanton, CA – Reviewed Feb 3, 2012

Pros – The people that sell Shaklee (Distributors) are some of the very best in the industry. Solid products. New earning opportunity is very promising.

Cons – Resources, resources, resources. Like any company struggling through today’s economy, you have to run a tight ship and be very efficient, lean and mean. This is a blessing and a curse.

Advice to Senior Management – Keep doing what you need to do to make Shaklee great. Be more efficient, focused and united as you grow.

“Shaklee has been life changing” Current Gold Ambassador in Virginia Beach, VA – Reviewed Feb 18, 2011

Pros – It is a company that is all about health and service, helping people to live better lives. It is the top nutrition company in the United States, and it provides more compensation to employees than any other company in its class.

Cons – Some of the scientific findings are hard to access, and more support videos on the website would serve well in communicating information to prospective members.

Advice to Senior Management – It would be great if Shaklee published an “Encyclopedia of Nutrition” that gave extensive information on each product, along with its components (herb, vitamin, etc.). Also, have it include all of the scientific articles and studies.

“Fabulous company” Current Distributor – Reviewed Aug 31, 2012

Pros – Unlimited income potential and flexible hours. Offers cars, and trips

Cons – No health benefits as far as insurance


The Natural Nutrition Company

For more than 55 years, Shaklee has been a name that people can trust, and Shaklee isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  Shaklee was born in the year 1956, and since that time they have been improving upon their products year by year, making the first biodegradable cleaner ever.

Shaklee chooses not to use animals for testing, and they believe that all of their products shouldn’t be sold unless they have been proven to be natural, safe, and effective.
A 55 year old company alone should tell you that this is a great company, but let’s continue.

Shaklee is clearly a company that takes pride in offering all things natural, meaning that there are no parabens, no harmful chemicals, no propylene glycol, and many other harmful things that many other companies use in their products.

Shaklee reviews more than 300 tests to be absolutely sure that all ingredients are natural and safe to use in their products, and as a result, every product is guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Today they carry a full line of health, nutrition, weight management, beauty, and household products, all designed to help you take care of your entire family and home. What more could you ask from a company that has focused on creating all things natural?


Basic H2 All Purpose Cleaner:

I didn’t think I was going to like the Shaklee cleaning products as much as I do. I’ve been using natural cleaning products for years: Citrasolve, Simple Green, Seventh Generation, Meyers. When people would talk about Basic H2 and the Shaklee cleaning line like it was the next best thing to chocolate, I would roll my eyes. That is until I tried the products. Now guess what? I love the products!!!!!

I particularly love Basic H2, Shaklee’s foundation product. It’s easy to use and cost effective. You buy one bottle of Basic H2 and three mixing spray bottles which create a basic cleaner, a glass cleaner, and a degreaser. The amounts you use per bottle are so small that one bottle will last for a few years. (Shaklee figures that users of the window cleaner alone have eliminated 2.7 billion bottles from waste sites.)

Here is what I love the most about the Basic H2: it’s effective, it’s gentle, and it’s odorless. I never realized how much the smell of cleaning products bothered me. But you spray Basic H2 and no chemical smell comes at you. No particles get into your nose. It doesn’t bother your lungs. It’s very gentle and oddly effective at cleaning just about anything. So far I haven’t encountered any cleaning project Basic H couldn’t handle.

And when it comes to windows and mirrors, I thought I would use Windex until the day I died and someone would then have to pry it out of my hands. But I love, love, love the Basic H window cleaner. It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t mist into your nose, and it doesn’t streak. Really, it does not streak. Of course, if your windows are very dirty you will have to go over them a few times, but you would have to do that with Windex too.

In addition to all that Basic H2 is organic. It’s patented formula is made from corn and coconut. I know people who bathe their dogs in it. I even know one person who brushed her teeth with it when she ran out of toothpaste. Shaklee was the first company to ever market a biodegradable cleaner and as far as I can tell Basic H2 is still the best one out there.

Spray-Bottle Three Pack
Shaklee makes it so easy to mix Basic H2 into three products with the spray-bottle three-pack. Each bottle is clearly labeled with the product name – degreaser, all-purpose cleaner, and window cleaner. The directions for mixing each formula are on each bottle. Easy!

Scour-Off is the perfect compliment to Basic H2. I use it on sinks, tubs, and caked-on pans for when I really need to scrub. It also polishes copper. Non-toxic, bio-degradable, no fumes (smells like cherries), and gentle on your hands. Oh, and so effective!

Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate
This is the first dish-washing liquid I’ve come across that does not give me contact dermatitis and that works well enough for my husband to give-up using Dawn. (I wonder how much Dawn residue I’ve ingested in my life?) The fact that it is organic/biodegradable and non-toxic is just a bonus. I had to get used to how intensely concentrated it is though. One or two drops is all you need.

Dish Washer Automatic Powder Cleaner
My mother and I had tried all the natural products available to us but we kept going back to Cascade because in the end the dishes do have to be clean. Shaklee automatic dish washing powder is the first all-natural, biodegradable product that worked for us. It is also super concentrated. One bag lasted us three months washing almost every day, sometimes twice.

Laundy Booster
This laundry booster is amazing stuff. It whitens and brightens using enzymes and is safe for colors. It even cleans oils out of sheets making it a favorite of massage therapists everywhere.

Fresh Laundry Concentrate – Liquid or Powder (scented / unscented)
– both are natural, hypoallergenic, and concentrated; both have no chlorine, no phosphates and have biodegradable surfactants; both come scented and unscented. The liquid concentrate is compatible with high-efficiency washers. The powder washes 88 loads and comes in minimal packaging.


Shaklee Corporation (Headquarters)
Phone: (925) 924-2000
Fax: (925) 924-28624747 Willow Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588

On a scale of A+ to F (Shaklee’s Rating A+)
Reason for Rating

BBB Ratings System Overview

BBB Accreditation
A BBB Accredited Business since 12/01/1965

BBB has determined that Shaklee Corporation meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services.

Reason for Rating
BBB rating is based on 16 factors.

Factors that raised Shaklee Corporation’s rating include:

  • Length of time business has been operating.
  • Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size.
  • Response to 11 complaint(s) filed against business.
  • Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.
  • BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

Additional Information
BBB file opened: 01/01/1965
Business started: 01/01/1954
Type of EntityCorporation
Incorporated: January 1987, DE

Contact Information
Principal: Mr. Roger Barnett (Chairman and CEO)
Customer Contact: Ms. Marjorie L. Fine (Executive Vice President and General Counsel)
Ms. Cathy Keating (VP, Field Communication)
Number of Employees 250

Business Category
Nutrition, Internet Shopping, Vitamins & Food Supplements, Health Maintenance Organizations

Products & Services
This company offers nutritional alternatives, personal care products, household products and water treatment systems.

Service Area
This company services worldwide.

BBB Program Participation
This company has agreed to use special procedures including arbitration, if necessary, to resolve disputes through their participation in the following programs: BBB Identification, BBB OnLine.

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How Shaklee is Different

The Vitamin Experiment, Shaklee LandMark Study Results

What’s Under Your Sink? TOXINS…

Shaklee  – Wikipedia Review

Multi-Vitamin Comparison

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How do I find a Shaklee Distributor?


How do I find a Shaklee distributor in my area?  Well it used to be easy, You would type in that exact text and up would come Shaklee’s Find a local distributor page, You would type in your Zip code and like magic a list of local Shaklee distributors in your area would come up and you would be on your way to buying the amazing green, healthy, non toxic and proven effective Shaklee Products in minutes.Not so much now as Shaklee has been redesigning it’s find a distributor page for some time now.


The good news is that when you found this post, You found a Shakleedistributor or rather a team of Shaklee Distributors that operate as a group Nationwide and soon Globally to support our customers.What makes us different is that we will not accept any distributors into our system that don’t agree to work together to support each other and our customers. With our team if you can’t get in touch with your local distributor there are many others on our team that can help you, answer your questions or point you in the right direction.


Of course as with every other Shaklee distributor every product comes with the Shaklee iron clad 100% satisfaction guarantee so there’s never a worry when you buy a Shaklee product.  Ordering is simple – Online on the phone with Shaklee or on the phone with one of our distributors, it’s a snap.


Take a look at our Sites, HomeBizCentral.org and GuideToGreen.com and see what we’re all about.Chat with some of our distributors, They are located at this link – Click Here.Pick a Distributor and your all set. 
We Guarantee it..

Take some time, View our Sites, contact us as needed for more information on finding or becoming a Shaklee Distributor.



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Shaklee & HomeBizCentral.org a perfect combination.


Why HomeBizCentral.org / GuideToGreen.com and Shaklee are a perfect combination. November 9, 2012



Why would you want to partner with HomeBizCentral.org or GuideToGreen.com versus just joining Shaklee as a Distributor or Gold Ambassador through your local 
distributor or group?

Why would you want to join us a member and purchase your Shaklee products from one of our team members versus from any other Shaklee Distributor?

There are many reasons but the main one is that here at HomeBizCentral.org and GuideToGreen.com we offer what few other Shaklee groups can.

What is it you ask?

We operate as a team!

Why is that important, because each and every member of our team is committed to the success of the entire team and to serving our customers together as a team. 

We support each other with business leads, call prospects for each other and share our collective knowledge with the entire team and our customers.

If one of our team members can not answer a question they will contact or refer you to another team member who can.

We will not accept any member into our group that is not willing to work together as a team member for the good of the entire team.

And with our team websites GuideToGreen.com and HomeBizCentral.org we help get leads and customers for our team members.
Yes Business leads and Customers.

There are very, VERY few teams in the Shaklee system that can say that they will do that. 

Take some time, View our Sites and then contact us to see how you can be part of this amazing team.



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Introducing the Shaklee 180 November 6, 2012


What is Shaklee 180? Shaklee 180 is the revolutionary new weight loss program from Shaklee Corporation that allows you to safely and easily lose weight and keep it off for good!  So many diets promise to help you to lose weight but fall short!  Did you know that the average American diets 4 times a year? Why are we jumping on and off these diets so much?  The answer is that we lack a simple, affordable program that takes us from start to finish and helps us to maintain a healthy weight.


The Turnaround Kit.  

This provides you with 2 meals a day (a Smoothie or a Meal Bar), a multivitamin and an energizing tea.  All for less than you’d pay for a Starbucks!  The first part of your 180 is 90 days losing your weight.  And the amazing think about Shaklee 180 is that its powered by Leucine so you will only lose fat and not muscle like other diet plans!  This helps to prevent yo-yo dieting so that once you lose that fat you’re body is better able to keep it off.


The second half of the plan you will use:

This is just one meal a day and a comprehensive vitamin strip called Vitalizer designed to keep you strong while you keep your weight off!  You see where other diet plans abandon you, Shaklee makes sure that you have acommunity of people that will ensure your success.


We also have a variety of tools to help you including brand new mobile apps!These will help you to track your progress, goals, and motivational words day by day.You can also post these to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. to make a public declaration of your plan to get fit!


Did you think you were just going to join a weight management system and be left on your own?  With the Shaklee 180 System, you’ve got a lot more coming your way in addition to the lost pounds!You + 3 = Free!Yes, thats right.  Become a member with the Shaklee 180 weight management system for a natural, healthier life, and get three of your friends or family to join you, and yours is FREE!  Whenever someone starts a new diet, its just natural that they are going to mention it to their friends or family, whether through direct conversation or on social networking sites like FaceBook or Twitter.  When your friends and family see the transformation your going through, and the healthier life your living, with increased energy and motivation, they are definitely going to want to get a piece of the action.  Join them with you, and build your support group, and in addition to your weight loss and healthier life, you will have that extra motivation knowing that in addition to your weightloss, your doing it all for


Member Benefits:      

Yes, you get options!  The Shaklee 180 system comes a range of benefits.  You get a system that is designed with simpler choices to get started right away.  Not only are they simpler, you can now also customize the items with different flavors that fit your needs and taste!  Isn’t that fantastic?  Also, not to mention, when you join the Shaklee 180 weight management system, for a limited time, you become a Shaklee Member absolutely FREE!Not only will you enjoy your new leaner, healthier life, you will also automatically be able to Shakleeize the rest of your life with a 15%-20% savings on all the other great products that Shaklee has!  Is that enough?  Not as far as Shaklee is concerned.  Order the Shaklee 180 System and get upgraded to Expedited Shipping for 



You Wanted Technology?

Now You Got It!      You asked for easier ways to connect in Shaklee. You asked for tools to stay connected. Well, you now have them. The Shaklee 180 comes loaded with tools and support options to help you succeed.Mobile apps to help you stay connected when on the move. Place orders, keep track of foods and weightloss goals, and much more. The Shaklee 180 mobile app will keep you update wherever you are.The Shaklee 180 personalized progress website that helps you keep track of your progress through the Shaklee 180 System. Upload photos, keep notes, and not only that, its fully customizable to fit your specific weight loss needs. Thats just awesome. In addition, you can set goals for yourself that will earn you points that can be used for offers and free products.


Like we mentioned earlier, when your friends and family see the transformation your going through, and the healthier life your living, with increased energy and motivation, they are definitely going to want to get a piece of the action, so, why not integrate your personal website into Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter?Your personal website will automatically post your progress on Facebook for you, letting your friends know what an excellent system you are using, as well as show them your progress. In addition, it will show your friends goals you set for yourself so you can build the support system you need to succeed!There is a great deal of other features and benefits to members. Stay tuned for further information.


January 1, 2013 The weight loss game will be changed forever.  Are you ready to lose that fat for good?As with Every other Shaklee Product, your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed or your money back.

Click Here to get more information on these products!

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Join us in a Shaklee 180…

Shaklee 180, 90 Days To Loose The Weight, 90 Days To Keep It Off!

Shaklee 180 Review | Get 3 and Yours is FREE

Contact us today for more information 
Products available January 2013


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