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Vitamin Secrets you should know | Top rated vitamins December 13, 2012

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Vitamin Secrets you should know | Quality Matters

It’s very important to use only top rated vitamins for optimal health.  Why do some products measure up and others not so much?  If you want to pick the best multi vitamins and supplements this information will help you to find the best products and best company to go with.

Common issues in the Nutritional Supplement Industry:

• The nutritional supplement industry is essentially unregulated – there are no serious government approved vitamins ratings

• This produces standards varying from unacceptable to outstanding – and everything in between

• A safe rule to follow is Caveat Emptor – Let the Buyer Beware

• Many companies do not have qualified PhD health researchers and little or no published studies to back up their claims.

• Many formulations are not based on good medical and scientific research – this results in incorrect ingredients and/or incorrect ratios of ingredients

• Independent test has shown that 7 out of 10 prenatal vitamins did not even dissolve properly – if they don’t your body can’t absorb them properly

• A study at University of Maryland showed that 2/3rd of prenatal multivitamins tested didn’t release their folic acid to USP standards J Pharm Assoc (Wash) 1997

• Un-dissolved vitamins and minerals pass through the body and have been found plugging drains, some with the brand name still legible – these are not top rated vitamins

• Independent test have shown that the majority of Gingko Biloba and Saw Palmetto products tested do not meet industry standards for the active ingredient and several contained no trace of the active ingredient – clearly these are not top rated vitamins because they are not pharmaceutical grade vitamins

• Most multivitamins and minerals don’t contain the essential ingredients for optimal health

• Most don’t have the most beneficial ratio of ingredients

• Most products are not tested for potency and purity – why is that?

• Most companies have minimal or very low quality control processes and standards

• Many manufacturers produce products only to the RDA (far too low for optimal health)

• Most manufacturers use less expensive and less bioavailable forms of specific ingredients

• Many manufacturers do not provide an expiration date

Product Quality Control:

Quality control consists of a series of labs, detailed written instructions of all practices to be followed at every stage of production, control measures, testing measures for raw materials and for product at various stages of production, immediately after production and near the expiration date for each batch of each product. If there is not good, serious quality control, you don’t get top rated vitamins. Products that lead in vitamin ratings need serious care and attention to each of these stages of formulation and manufacture.

• Strict procedures developed and tested  to ensure that each tablet of the new product line will be identical in potency and purity to each other tablet of that line

These are the main points of a superior quality control process for top rated vitamins Vitamin ratings will be high for such products, provided of course that they do contain all the needed ingredients (in their most bioavailable form) in the correct ratios.
You will find much more on this topic in Multi-Vitamin Comparison (opens new window). 

• Buy only the top rated vitamins and minerals that have optimal levels of all the essential nutrients. RDA levels don’t cut it, but those are the levels which at least 95% of manufacturers use. The RDA levels were developed to prevent diseases like scurvy and rickets. Guess what, they worked. But they are far too low levels to prevent today’s degenerative diseases; heart, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, Alzheimer’s and many others.



Make sure that you and your children eat well.  Only take only top rated vitamins  – nutritional supplements with a full cascade of antioxidants – a symphony of antioxidants. If you’re interested you can see a product line of top rated vitamins and minerals that meets these standards by Clicking Here (opens new window).

Now that you know all this, shouldn’t you choose top rated vitamins and minerals like these? (Opens new window.) 

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