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Shaklee products on Amazon.com January 22, 2013

Let me say at the start that I am a BIG fan of Amazon and buy many products through this amazing service, BUT having said that I am having trouble figuring out why anyone would purchase Shaklee products through Amazon when they could go through Authorized Shaklee distributors and in most cases get the product at a better price, with no mark up, NEW product and not expired etc.Keep in mind that not everything you buy on Amazon.com is actually sold by Amazon. Read the fine print to see if an item ships from an external vendor (it’s noted on the item description). If an item doesn’t come directly from the Internet giant, you’ll be subject to the policies of that other company — which might have longer shipping times and less helpful service,Third party sellers also set their own prices,  and so what they charge may not be as competitive as items Amazon sells itself.

In the following few paragraphs I will outline why I think most people would be better off using an authorized Shaklee Distributor to buy Shaklee products versus going through Amazon.


First in the interest of full disclosure it’s important to point out that I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor:So to get to the point, below are the reasons that I think most people would be better off buying Shaklee products directly through an Authorized Shaklee Distributor.

1.     Shaklee does NOT allow it’s distributors to sell through Amazon or any other online auction service, So if you buy product on one of these services you are NOT buying from an authorized Shaklee Distributor. At least not one in good standing.

2.     Since the product can not come directly from Shaklee as it would if you bought it through an authorized Shaklee distributor, it is almost certainly an older product than it would be if you purchased through an authorized Distributor.

To be clear the way Shaklee works is that when you place an order through an authorized distributor, the product that you receive comes directly from Shaklee to you with no stop in between.  When buying through Amazon that is not possible.  The product is shipped to a customer of Shaklee from there ??? and then listed on Amazon and sold again.  The product can NOT be shipped from Shaklee as they would quickly shut that down so the product you receive comes from (Anyones guess) and you can’t even be sure it’s actually a Shaklee product.

3.     Assuming that the product is actually a Genuine Shaklee product and not expired or tampered with, it would still be impossible for a seller on Amazon to offer the product at the same price that you could buy it from an Authorized Shaklee distributor since the fees that Amazon Charges must come out of the price that the Amazon Seller charges as well as Two shipping charges.  One from Shaklee to the seller and one from the seller to you.

4.     Amazon has a great guarantee but not everyone is aware that Shaklee has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for products purchased through authorized distributors as well.

So to clarify you could buy directly through an authorized Shaklee distributor with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Get the products in a sealed box, directly from Shaklee or take your chances with possibly counterfeit or tampered with product possibly outdated, almost certainly old product and at a higher price.  And if the price is not higher the big question has to be WHY?  Most sellers are in business to make money and with the Shipping, amazon fees packaging etc.  If the product is real it MUST be more expensive.

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